Enhance Interior Walls with a Faux Finish in Louisville

You have many options when it comes to decorating and improving the interior of your property. Painting is a popular choice when people want to create a fresh look for rooms or offices. Even though nothing is wrong with using a solid color or various solid colors throughout your space, traditional is not the only painting approach. Create a distinctive look for your interior with a faux finish in Louisville.

The contractors at H.F. Steilberg Co. Inc. specialize in custom residential and commercial painting that includes faux painting. When you choose us as your building or house painter, we bring creativity and skill to your project. We can give your business or home a distinctive look and a unique character that reflects your taste.

We can do faux finishes at your request that include color wash that allows us to give your walls minor variations in hues. We can do marbleizing that can imitate the appearance of marble walls, giving your rooms a touch of elegance.

With Trompe l’oeil, we can create a three-dimensional look on your walls. Your interior rooms can appear as if you removed them from an Italian palazzo when you request Venetian plaster, a technique that uses real marble dust

Reach out to us for quality painting that gives your interior a rich appearance.