Historic House Painting

Preserve Your Home with Historic House Painting by Steilberg Painting

Owning a historic home can be a rewarding adventure. But all homeowners will tell you maintaining a house is hard work, and even more so when your home is over 100 years old. Historic house painting is one headache thats best best to leave to the professionals. 

Louisville KY has many neighborhoods with historic houses and at HF Steilberg Painting we have the experience and knowledge to help keep your house looking brand new. Weather you own a Shotgun style home in Germantown made in 1890 or a Craftsman style house in the heart of the Highlands our team of painting professionals is ready to made it look brand new again with a fresh coat of paint.


Trust the Professionals When Painting Your Historic Home

Historic homes need to be treated with extra special care. Doing a cheap paint job can result in a finish that starts to peel not long after its applied, costing you more time and money to redo. A quality paint job on a historic home not only helps preserve the life of the house, but increases the value of your home. The Steilberg team is well versed in historic paint colors as well as modern painting techniques that are made to last.


Steilberg Painting Proven Painting Methods Are Made to Last

When doing historic house painting, Steilberg Painting follows a proven method of exterior and interior painting, proven to outlast other painting contractors. With every historic home we:

  1. Test for lead paint – The biggest concern with historic house painting is if the pervious paint was lead based. If your house was built before 1978 you’ll need to test for lead paint. If the test comes out positive no need to worry, We are EPA Certified Professional specially trained to deal with lead based paint removal.
  2. Prep the Surface to be Painted – the best professionals know the value of taking their time to prep a surface to be painted. For us this means washing the surface of any dirt and residue that might prevent the paint from adhering as well as it could. We also remove any loose paint that is starting to chip away
  3. Repair Damaged Wood and Dry Wall – Next we repair or replace rotted wood and damaged drywall. Whether it’s replacing a battered clapboard or rotted trim this is not step to skip as paint will not hold onto rotted surfaces. If the damage is small we may use use wood fillers or epoxies. For large sections of damage its best to replace it with new materials. If we remove wall paper before painting, there is bound to be some drywall patching needed. The cost of all this is factored in to your free estimate.
  4. Protect Areas Not to be Painted – the last thing any home owner wants to come back to after a paint job has been done is to find out the paint went places it didn’t belong. Steilberg painting takes extra measure to ensure your floors, patio, wall plates, and any other area not intended to be painted remain paint free.
  5. Paint! – Now comes the main event. Steilberg painting can either help you choose your perfect color suited for a historic home, or use one you have chosen. We work with only the best names in paint such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. Our relationship with these companies and the amount of paint we purchase means we can get discounts only offered to contractors, and we pass those savings on to you! Our standard practice is 2 coats of paint with every job, or more if needed.
  6. Clean up – by the time we are done with your painting project you won’t even know we were there, except for the fresh clean paint on your home!