Are Expensive Interior Paints Worth the Money?

paint buckets for painting outdoor & indoor walls

Paint products range widely in cost, and some of them have shockingly high price tags compared to other paints. When you’re doing interior painting in Louisville, you may wonder whether those more expensive products are really worth the extra expense. After all, it’s not like the walls will be exposed to the elements like your exterior would be.

However, choosing the more expensive paint often pays off. Read on to learn which factors to consider when picking paint for your interior.

Who Will Use the Room?

Some walls endure more wear and tear than others. If you’re painting a room where young children or pets will spend a lot of time, you should skip cheap paints. The more expensive, higher-quality paints are more durable, so you will be able to wash the walls when necessary. (Trust us: eventually, your kids or pets will make a mess.) Cheaper paint doesn’t wash well, so you’ll likely end up having to do the interior painting all over again much sooner with an inexpensive product.

Is It a Bathroom or Kitchen?

Bathrooms and kitchens are exposed to more moisture and harsher cleaning agents than other rooms of your house. Thus, it’s worthwhile to use high-quality paint that can withstand the elements in these spaces. Plus, guests tend to take special note of these rooms, so you’ll want your paint job to be as good as it can be.

Are You Using a Darker Color?

Here is something you may not know about interior painting: darker colors require more coats. It may seem counterintuitive, but dark colors use a thin transparent base compared to light colors’ thicker base. Due to this base difference, it is more difficult to achieve even application, and it takes more coats to get the true hue you’re after—especially if you’re using a cheap product. Pick a more expensive paint for dark colors to use less paint and thus save time and money.