Faux Finish Painting in Louisville Creates High-End Finishes for Your Surfaces

Since the popularity of wallpaper has waned, newer and more dramatic patterns have become more desirable for high-end home surfaces. The desire to replicate classic materials and their authentic textures such as wood, stone, and suede is a much-appreciated detail that designers can now incorporate into their plans without jeopardizing the overall design budget. When you explain your vision to an experienced painting contractor like HF Steilberg CO INC, you will be amazed at the dramatic results that can be achieved in your Louisville home’s appearance with faux finish painting techniques.

The Types of Faux Finish Techniques Available in Louisville

The development of faux finish techniques in Louisville has improved as talented contractors continue to implement them to achieve the dramatic new surfaces that homeowners appreciate. Popular faux finish techniques include:

  • Marbleizing-Replicates the look of marble on furniture and walls
  • Fresco-Uses tint and joint compound to add color and texture to walls
  • Graining-Used to imitate the look of expensive hardwood
  • Trompe-l’œil-Realistic painting used in murals
  • Venetian plaster-Creates a shiny surface that looks textured but is, in fact, smooth to the touch
  • Color wash-Allows for subtle variations of color
  • Strié-Used to simulate patterns of linen or denim
  • Rag painting-Techniques where balls of rags are used to apply paint in a textured way
  • Sponging-Creates a replicated pattern that imitates high-end and sophisticated wallpaper

Ask a trustworthy painting contractor like HF Steilberg CO INC to find out how one of these techniques can create the unique, high-end surfaces you have dreamed about for your home.