Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home Exterior

When you are choosing paint for your home exterior, you’re facing a big decision. The hardest part of that decision, though, isn’t which type to choose, but which color. That’s because there’s no real right or wrong answer for the color, but for the type of paint, the choice is clear. Latex-based paints are generally the most popular choice for outdoor painting projects. These paints dry quickly, are easy to maintain, and stand up to moisture and extreme temperatures remarkably well.

Now, when it comes to the finish, there are a few more considerations to make. Gloss finishes work well on doorframes and window trim, while semi-gloss is better for larger surfaces such as doors. The reason for this is that gloss paints, though they are the most damage-resistant, tend to make imperfections more conspicuous, and they look out of place when used in large amounts. Additionally, semi-gloss is a popular choice for brick exteriors, as the paint seals the brick’s pores.

For wood, vinyl, and fiber cement siding, eggshell or satin finishes are the most common choice. If you have any questions about exterior painting in Louisville, KY, the professionals at HF Steilberg Co., Inc. are happy to take your call.