Interior Painting Ideas for Your Home Office in Louisville

Painting Ideas for Home Office Setups

Whether you work from home full-time or spend a few hours in your home office in the evenings, it’s important to make it a space where you can focus and feel inspired. As one of the go-to companies for interior painting in Louisville, we often get asked which colors are best for offices and studies. Our painters recommend the following based on productivity research and general aesthetics.

  • Pale Green: While green isn’t one of the most popular interior painting colors, it’s great for offices. Research has shown green to be a calming color, especially pale tones. If your work often has you stressed, green walls, plenty of natural light, and a few plants may make a big difference in your mood.
  • Light Blue: Did you know that blue is the most popular favorite color in the world? If you want to make a favorable impression with your home office setup, a light blue shade is a great combination of a relaxing hue and a color that’s well-liked and easy to design around. Avoid interior painting with darker blues since it may affect your lighting negatively.
  • White: While it may seem basic, white is commonly seen in offices for a good reason. It’s a neutral tone, so it can complement any interior design. More importantly, since it is so bright, it will light up your office and help you focus while avoiding eye strain.