Everything You Need to Start & Complete a Faux Finish in Louisville

Faux Finish

Any painting project you are working on that requires a faux finish in Louisville requires many different products. These can include basecoats, additives, pigments, colorants, and finishing coats. While not every project will require each one of these products, some are usually necessary, and there are many unique looks you can create by using colorants and additives in conjunction with your other materials. Here is some more information about some of the different products you’ll need to make your faux finish project:

  • Basecoats – Basecoats are the first real step in any regular or faux finish project after you finish up sanding and cleaning. When you apply a basecoat, you not only ensure that the surface is sealed and ready to receive plaster but also that you have the perfect canvas for creating vibrant colors and new textures. It also guarantees the longevity of your paint job.
  • Colorants & Pigments – Colorants and pigments can be added to paint, basecoats, and even some finishing coats to give your projects a much more dynamic look. Not only do these products allow you to completely change the appearance of your furniture, walls, cabinets, and art pieces, but they also let you create customized patterns and colors that will be entirely unique for your project.
  • Additives – Additives, such as extending products and solvents, are great because they can help you achieve the consistency you need and give you more time to work when they are added to your other painting materials.
  • Clear Finish Coats – Clear finish coats are the ideal way to finish any faux finish project because these topcoats provide a protective layer that seals your hard work and makes it more resilient to wear, tear, time, and the elements.