Exterior Painting 101: How to Prevent Paint Bubbling

Paint Bubbles on the Wall

When it comes to painting, nothing is more frustrating than those little mistakes you don’t notice until the job is done. In the case of paint bubbling, sometimes the issues don’t even appear until after the paint has already dried. So, when doing exterior painting in Louisville, how do you prevent paint bubbles? Here are a few tips that will make it easier for you:

Clean Things Up – Dirt and grime can end up creating paint bubbles, so make sure you remove it. For moderate to mild dirt, just wipe down the surfaces with a damp towel or a sponge with some warm water.

Dry It Out – Moisture is one of the leading causes of paint bubbling. You will want to do your best to completely dry your wall before any painting begins. This is especially true if you cleaned the wall.

Watch the Weather – Don’t work against nature. If possible, try to paint on days that are not too hot or humid so your paint can dry evenly.

Don’t Rush – The key to avoiding issues with residential or commercial painting is to go slow and steady. Painting too fast can introduce air, which will introduce air bubbles.

Match Paint Types – Oil and latex paint don’t mix well. That means you want to make sure you prime over your old paint to ensure you are using the same paint type that is already there.